I can’t go to school

Isaac a little beach boy who never has been deep in the sea, he can't swimm!

A Little boy who can’t swimm, selling daily 2, 3 eggs on the beach that he bought in the morning on the local market and winning 6 cents a day.
Watching him never selling, i decide to give him some fun, changing his daily routine, he spent most off the day watching us, theses white tourists flying over the water.

His name is Isaac.

Poor! very poor Isaac living out off nothing with his alcoholic only grandma as only parents, a young grandma living in a cabane with no windows , flies and mosquitos in a small dirty place, no floor just ground no fourniture… nothing just a very old matrasse on the ground and 2 cooking pots in the kitchen, trying living from producing homemade alcohol from a cane, a kind of Alcohol smelling as Ethanol, this woman is already drunk from 11 am, terrible situation for these 2 kids.

This little boy and his little sister are not going to school, ”i don’t go to school since 3 years, i don’t have the books” told me Isaak with a sad face on the beach.

On the next day when I decide to do Isaac’s first kiteboarding Tandem, aparently the first tandem ever seen in Kenya, his first time on the water, first time on a kite, maybe his only time. I can not imagine them buying a kite it would be a life savings

During the Tandem, on the kiteboard by riding on the water, i ask to Isaac “what is this thing about these books and the school you mention yesterday?”

”I can’t go to school” said Isaac, – I ask ”Why?” -”because we need to buy 5 notebooks, one color for each topic and 4 pencils in different colours”. I was speechless, his school stuff has to cost less than 20€, pff!! no comment….

When he told me his story by riding together on the same kiteboard, during a second i felt bad, a wrong filling.

This filling as been shared between us kiteboard teachers Nanu, Jery, Miri and me, we had to do something, the girls have the idea to bring him to Europe with us!

I told them “no way, you can’t bring somebody who lives in a paradise, and bring him to our cold Europeen city jungle, it’s better to make him a change in his place for a better future.”

Because they couldn’t afford to buy 5 notebooks, the condition in Kenya to inter to the public school in that place, with crowded classes, rooms from 30 to 40 kids per class, he wasn’t accepted at school!

The girls decide to visit some schools in his town. To choose a better one, and they found a perfect one… a private school.

Isaack become our sponsored child from Kenya, Dyana beach.

We decide to pay his education, in a private German school in his town with only 10 to 12 kids per classes.

The problem is that, at the first meeting a teacher give him a IQ test and the result is that Isaac should enter school in a class from kids with 4 years less than him due to his poor knowleges.

Isaac missed 3 years off school, he have to enter with the little kids.

I don’t want to go in classes with the little onesIsaac was crying .. 

To recover his poor schooll noledges, Nanu and Jery help him.

Miri and me had to come back to Tarifa running our 3 stores and school, the holidays are over for us.

In the evening after teaching Kiteboarding, amazing Nanu and Jery helped Isaak for few weeks for some home private school reconvering elementary bases.

In the meenwhile isaak loved to jump in there swimming pool with them and learn to swimm.

After some home shool trainning, Isaac got the bases back from his age and could enter the school with the kids from the same age.

Today, Isaack and Maria his little sister are already few years in this German school!
They like it alot, they enjoy learning, they recive 3 times food a day and sleep in a real bed, they visit their grandma every weekend.
-With out help, a lot off them don’t have the access to the tourism industry and living from it.
For those who are wondered how much could cost help, we pay 90€ per month, payed directly per bank account to their German school in Kenya, without intermediat people.

It is amazing how a small act of kindness can make a big difference in someone’s life.
A bit off Charity make changing lives.

Good luck kids try your best at school. Big hug from Tarifa, enjoy Kenya

If we wouldn’t have been kiteboarding in Kenya at Dyana beach all this wouldn’t happened, and maybe a different future for this 2 beautifful kids as Isaak and Maria.

-Kiteboarding destinations change lives

-Ingo M.

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