Kiteboarding is a fusion of wind and board sports that opens a world of possibilities. All you need is wind, a kite, and a board – any board.

What is Kiteboarding?

Kiteboarding is a fusion of wind and board sports that opens a world of possibilities. All you need is wind, a kite, and a board – any board.
Toss your kite into the wind and you can use it to pull you around, much like a boat except that you’re in control.
It doesn’t matter if you want to kiteboard on a lake, kitesurf at your favorite surf break, or snowkite up a mountain, it’s all possible.
It’s easy to understand why this sport is becoming so popular.
It can be adapted to your own style and personality, and it doesn’t matter where you live, as long as you have wind you are in business!

This manual

This manual is intended to be a learning resource for you!
All of this information comes from our Team and Glen from Canada.

Thank you for this amazing work!

We have all envolved to where we are now through all sorts of trial and error, and that experience is shared on these pages.
It is my hope that you use this informations to learn, so you may experience the addictive highs of kiteboarding, while minimizing the lows.
Of course, your experience matters!
If you know some tip, trick, or technique that will benefit others, tel it during your courses, we all will take benefit from it.
Never stay in doubt, If you wave any questions during your lessons, never hesitate to ask them .

Please Note – You can’t learn to kiteboard exclusively from our manual.
This pages are not intended to replace teaching that a professional instructors provides during your lessons.
Lessons are highly recommended in learning any new sport, especially kiteboarding.

From my opinion more the sports are incredible, more time you will need to learn them. Kiteboarding is not a matter of only 4 days learning.

Continue! Day by day you will enjoy your progression, be safe & patient, Kiteboarding is an awesome sport!

Learn more with our kiteboarding steps

KITEboarding steps

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