Who is Ingo?

He is also considered as a pioneer of teaching kiteboarding in Tarifa...

He is also considered as a pioneer of teaching kiteboarding in Tarifa.

Ingo Maes born in January 1979, in Gent, Flanders.

He is a Belgian athlete who lived in the south of France until 2002, where he assisted in building his parents’ project.

Speaking 5 languages, he is qualified in engineering and teacher in 4 extreme sports discipline.

Qualified for engineering in Catamarans and working in sailing yachts, Ingo as a passionate off extreme sports, start’s to compete in Snowboarding in 98′

He is a qualified teacher since 1997 in Snowboarding, Diving, Surfing and 3 titles for Kiteboarding:IKO International, –BKSA British, –FAV Spanish.

After Val Thorens and Hurghada at the Red Sea for teaching Diving, he changed for teaching Kiteboarding in 2003.

He is back in Europe in 2005, Ingo moved to Tarifa with Miri “The Egyptian treasure”, where they founded Dragon Tarifa, Waikiki, and Dragon Kite School. These three big stores in town have made them the largest kiteboarding company in Tarifa.

In recent years, Ingo has dedicated his full time to Club-Kiteboarding House Tarifa, where he continues to teach kiteboarding to enthusiasts from all over the world. Ingo’s teaching style is patient, fun, and informative, making him an excellent teacher for beginners and advanced kiteboarders alike.

If you’re looking for a skilled and passionate kiteboarding teacher in Tarifa.

Ingo’s lessons are also tailored to suit individual needs, ensuring that each student receives the attention and guidance they need to progress at their own pace. He is always available for questions, advice, and feedback, which fosters a sense of trust and confidence between him and his students.

Ingo’s passion for kitesurfing has taken him to some of the world’s most stunning locations, yet his heart remains in Tarifa where he first discovered this exhilarating sport. Now, as a father, he shares this passion with his son Noah and enjoys exploring Tarifa even more through kiteboarding and motocross.

Overall, Ingo is an exceptional kitesurfing instructor, whose dedication to safety, individualized instruction, and love for the sport have earned him a reputation as one of the best teachers in Tarifa.



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Who is Ingo?

He is also considered as a pioneer of teaching kiteboarding in Tarifa…

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