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Get a rescue card to insure your safety by Rescue Tarifa KiteSurfing

Maybe 1 day you need help from Sea rescue Tarifa

Sea Rescue Tarifa If you learn kiteboarding or pratise on your own Sea Rescue Tarifa is a service that provides …


I can’t go to school

Isaac a little beach boy who never has been deep in the sea, he can’t swimm!

Cours de kitesurf à Tarifa | École professionnelle et réputée People

Who is Ingo?

He is also considered as a pioneer of teaching kiteboarding in Tarifa…


Kitesurf manual

Kiteboarding is a fusion of wind and board sports that opens a world of possibilities. All you need is wind, a kite, and a board – any board.


Kiteboarding steps

Kiteboarding steps to learn Eleven steps to read before starting your practice… This pages covers some of the things you …


Kite Shapes

Foil, LEI, Ram Air , Bow, C, Hybrid, SLE, Delta …



The Kite Board – An Overview of the Three Most Common Boards on the Water…


Wind directions Tarifa

The conditions you ride in determine whether or not you make it back to shore… A rule of kiteboarding is …


Wind window Tarifa

The wind window is the area where we fly our kites, and every kiteboarder needs to understand it.


Trimming your kite

Trimming the Kite; What Does the Trim Strap Do?


Sheeting position

Sheeting Your Kite – What Does it Do and How Does it Work?


Lines set-up

Properly attaching the kite’s lines to your inflatable kite is very important. Crossed lines can cause your kite to spiral out of control and hurt you or someone else.