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Cours de kitesurf à Tarifa | École professionnelle et réputée People

Who is Ingo?

He is also considered as a pioneer of teaching kiteboarding in Tarifa…


Kitesurf manual

Kiteboarding is a fusion of wind and board sports that opens a world of possibilities. All you need is wind, a kite, and a board – any board.


Kiteboarding steps

Kiteboarding steps to learn Eleven steps to read before starting your practice…This pages covers some of the things you will …


Kite Shapes

Foil, LEI, Ram Air , Bow, C, Hybrid, SLE, Delta …



The Kite Board – An Overview of the Three Most Common Boards on the Water…


Wind directions Tarifa

The conditions you ride in determine whether or not you make it back to shore…A rule of kiteboarding is to …


Wind window Tarifa

The wind window is the area where we fly our kites, and every kiteboarder needs to understand it.


Trimming your kite

Trimming the Kite; What Does the Trim Strap Do?


Sheeting position

Sheeting Your Kite – What Does it Do and How Does it Work?


Lines set-up

Properly attaching the kite’s lines to your inflatable kite is very important. Crossed lines can cause your kite to spiral out of control and hurt you or someone else.


Launch & Land your kite

Launching kiteboarding kites is obviously important, and to be safe it is important to understand a few things.


Kite relaunch from water

All you need to do to water launch a bow, hybrid or a delta kite is …

Kiteboarding House Tarifa

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