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Other activities in Tarifa

Unleash your energy with Activities Tarifa! Experience exhilarating water sports, stunning hikes, and endless adventures in this coastal paradise.

If you love the beach, the sea and the waves, this is the perfect way to spend your holiday in Spain. It does not matter if you are beginner, intermediate or advanced surfer, we tailor the surf lesson to your skills. We run classes daily, all year round. With our stable, foam surfboards, it´s easy for everybody to learn to surf.



You don’t need to take a PADI dive course to enjoy the amazing underwater scenery of Tarifa. There are amazing snorkel spots and beaches with clear turquoise waters, easily accessible for everyone. Be ready for the adventure ! Snorkelling is a favourite activity for the whole family. Nice spots are by Tarifa´s island but there are also a lots of secret spots in the military zone. If you prefer to go on a guided tour with our staff, just ask in our kitesurf shop.

Mountain biking

As Tarifa is located between 2 natural parks, Los Alcornocales (Oak forest) and Gibraltar Strait, there is not just beautiful nature and stunning scenery but also plenty of great trails for mountain biking. Discover their beauty and enjoy your green holiday. The hidden off roads will make your trip a unique mountain-biking experience. There are other shops in Tarifa, that offer bike rental and guided bike trips for different levels. Thanks to Tarifa´s climate, biking can be done all year long.

Rock climbing

Tarifa is perfect location for climbing. You can climb here the whole year around. The hills around Bolonia, in San Bartolo area are wind protected and offer over 250 routes of levels between 3 and 8a. There are routes from 10 to 90 meters, (most are around 20 meters). The rock consists of compact sand- and limestone. Another climbing adventure is Gibraltar, all types and grades on its two hundred million year old Jurassic limestone. Try St. Michaels cave, with its own underground lake.

Horse riding

Discover Tarifa´s beaches, pine forest, eucalyptus alley or natural park Los Acornocales from horseback. Have a ride along white sand beaches, blue Atlantic Ocean with stunning views of Africa. Andalusian horses are famous around the world and they are easy to mount. For small children they are ponies. It will be your experience of a life time. Tarifa offers an excellent climate for horse riding the whole year. The weather in summer is not too hot and in winter not too cold. There are several stables in Tarifa. The first Sunday of September there is Fair of horses in Tarifa.

Play Golf in Andalusia

Costa de la Luz y del Sol are only places in Spain where you can play golf all year long. In Andalusia there are over 100 golf courses and 300 sunny days a year. The nearest are Golf Montenmedio (30min direction Cadiz), La Duquesa Golf Club, 18 holes (30min. direct. Marbella) and Alcadeisa, which has 2 golf courses – Heathland and Link golf course (only links course in southern Europe), both 18 holes (40min direct. Marbella). They also have a Driving range and Golf academy. The prices change a lot from place to place and most offer a happy hour 🙂



Orcas, whales and dolphins

If you prefer to watch animals in their natural habitats, take an excursion for to see whales and dolphins in the Straits of Gibraltar – you can see orcas, striped dolphin, common dolphin, sperm whale etc. Awesome experience! Dolphins and pilot whales you can see any time, sperm whales from May to July and killer whales season is from June till September. Orca´s trip takes around 3 hours. There are several companies which offer boat trips. The boats go several times a day. But choose a day without waves 🙂



Mix of Hatha yogaIyengar yogaAnusara yoga and Therapeutic yoga with Inga Maria. Very healthy yoga for everybody: adults, kids, for people with back problems etc. Classes are in small groups, but you can also have a private lesson. Tel. +34 660832269. She speaks Es, De, En, Fr. It is possible to do lessons in Facinas in her house, which is a small village 20 min from Tarifa direction Cadiz. House of Inga is perfect for doing yoga, in very special natural environment. If you prefer lessons in Tarifa, the classes are in Hotel Hurricane (around 5 km from direct. Cadiz).

Tuna fishing - The Almadraba

Almadraba is a fishing style used by the Phoenicians along the coasts of Cádiz and then later by the Romans. It consists of setting a maze of nets along tuna routes, from March till June. Almadrabas are concentrated in Conil, Barbate, Zahara de los Atunes and Tarifa.
Tuna Week: in June, 30 establishments offer special menus dedicated to tuna.
La Tarifeña: is a shop offering every type of packed or cured fish. You can find tuna and mackerel from Tarifa; products with D.O. Designation, Specific Designation of Origin Andalusia.

Fishing in Tarifa

In the mood for fresh fish ? You can catch your own! Sport fishing has become very popular and along the Tarifa´s coast and you will find lots of good spots. You can choose between bottom fishing and deep fishing. Depending on the period of the year, you can fish different species. Bottom fishing for – snapper, sea bass, toothy, breams, gilded, brotolas etc. In deep sea fishing, sword fish, white marlin, imperial needle, shortfin mako shark, bluefin tuna etc.

Bird watching

There are almost 400 species of birds passing over the Straits of Gibraltar and through Tarifa. Every autumn and every spring, migratory birds rest in south of Spain on their way to Africa for the winter, and come back heading to Northern Europe for the summer. This makes Tarifa a prime destination for twitchers. Ornithologists established in Tarifa offer guided tours to discover all kind of birds including Eagles, peregrine Falcons, Ospreys, Barn Owls, Stork, giant Lammergeier, Vulture, Lesser Kestrel, European Bee-eater, Serin, Little Swift, Eurasian Spoonbill, Black Kite etc.


Discover Andalusian nature surrounded by spectacular views of Africa, Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. You will be surprised by Tarifa´s magic countryside, mountains, pine and eucalyptus forests and olive trees. During your trip you can see different birds, horses, donkeys, sheep, black pigs, goats and cows. Nice routes are f.e. trip to Guadalmesi River (8km), Colada del Estrecho (5km), Honey river (5 km), Risco blanco (6km), Hozgarganta River – Las Asomadillas (8km). The Natural Park Los Alcorconales is the biggest Oak forest in Europe.

Quad biking

If you like adrenaline, adventure and off-road riding, a quad biking tour is the perfect outdoor activity for you. Alone or with group, discover Andalusia´s hidden trails, undiscovered routes, mountains and amazing scenery on quad. It does not matter if you are beginner or experienced quad rider, the tour is for all levels. You just need a driving license. This guided excursion will be an exciting and unforgettable adventure on your holiday in Spain. Available all year around.

Scuba diving

It is estimated that in the Spanish waters there are about 1,500 shipwrecks, which in many cases hides different treasures of great historical value. Huelva and Golf of Cadiz are the areas of Spain with a biggest number of sunken ships. Mostly of them belonged to Indian´s trader or were boats from Battle of Trafalgar. 9 of the 15 French and Spanish ships that sank in the Battle of Trafalgar (1805) against the British navy remain underwater close to the coast of Huelva and Cadiz.