Standing on the board is nothing physical but its technical.
A intensive kitesurfing lesson on the board to rich your right coordination.
Work your balance & board position and a good adequate power to be lifted up the board.

Teaching kite school skills Kitesurf school Board time Waterstart courses in Tarifa

During the dedicated tuition session you will spend plenty of time with our qualified kitesurf instructor who will introduce you with a land briefing before getting you in the water and on the board.

The course contains :

Waterstart progression DVD

   - Lesson from 2 x 3h minimum 
   - Kite control to start and stop

   - how to get on the board

   - how to ride efficiently

   - kite control to ride further


Some students learn faster than other, but only with a single water start lesson on the board unfortunately doesn´t make you an complete independent rider
Follow the level 4 for more practice and safe learning.






     WIND ? SUN? WARM?

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     Hire your kite gear.

Available the latest equipment from beginner to advanced and a full range of sizes to suit all conditions.
After completed the Riding level 5, you may hire you gear, everything needed is included.
As soon as you have the proficient level, a minimum off practice and safety are recurred.












       Buy your Kite Gear!

If you are interested
in equipment.
Our teachers
will help you choose the right equipment for your level.

Our students get deals!
At the end
of your course get our equipment packages,
Get special offers from our school.



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