Our instructors have extensive experience in the sport and teaching.
Transmitting in our courses kitesurf passion for adults and childrens

Hi I am Ingo M. Kite school
I've been teaching
kitesurf in Tarifa since 2004,

i have
FAV, IKO and BKSA licences

I spend my time teaching
kitesurfing and other

sports for years,

I´m also a Snowboard and Dive Teacher

(French Association of Snowboard)

 PADI diving instructor in Egypt since 2002

Since 2004, we are dedicated exclusively to Kitesurf in Tarifa, many years of experience makes our instructors sharing a truly professional school, and clearly involved to Kitesurf in Tarifa.

Kitesurf titles

FAV federation Andaluz de Vela
IKO level 2 senior (third and final level)

certified as-well


Our Dragon team got the 2017 certificate Of EXCELLENCE from TRIP-ADVISOR

Our sea boat rescue service

Our Sea Angels always ready to go for some help in the high saison

Kite school Tarifa



North Kiteboarding school

We proudly introduce the North Kiteboarding School.

Over the last season we have been busy working with the school gear, together with our team, we developed some new teaching skills on our beautiful Los Lances beach and creating our latest and ambitious project: The new North Kiteboarding School in Tarifa.

Our North Kiteboarding school teach all levels, broken down into several categories: from Beginners First day, Body-dragers, Water-starters, Up-wind riders and Advanced kite-boarders.

The North Kiteboarding school Tarifa is the most international school in Tarifa and offers courses in few languages as English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian, Czech, easy when you wish to start to learn kitesurfing in a school in Tarifa.

Start your holidays in Tarifa with professional equipment and a lot of fun!
Our collection of NorthKiteboarding kites is avaible in our school.
Would you like to learn kitesurfing fast and safely?
NORTH NEO Kites and EVO Kites avaible for our students
NORTH DICE and REBEL avaible for more advanced students

Tarifa is situated in the strait of Gibraltar, located at the most southern point off Spain, Tarifa offers one off the best conditions to enjoy an unforgettable vacation and to improve quickly your kiteboarding skills.

Tarifa has, sun, bleue water, constant winds and several-square-kilometers of sandy beaches like Los Lances and Valdevaqueros ; the perfect combination for new kite-surfers of all skill levels.
Our kitespot has a high reliability for good kiteboarding conditions with over 330 days of wind per year.

Its due to a Venturi effect: our winds are squeezed between two land masses of Northern Africa mountains and South Spain mountains.
As at this point, the Spanish land is separated from Africa by 13 kilometers the wide strait off Gibraltar.

Tarifa offers spots for all kind of levels and wind speeds
You can learn to kite either in flat water or ride waves with Levante or Poniente wind.

- We are Teaching kiteboarding in Tarifa since 2005

- In: English, Spanish, German, Dutch,
- School open all year around

- Learn in a safe way, insurance included 

- Qualified IKO and VDWS instructors

- Sea Angels, Private rescue boat service


Tarifa has four different winds called Poniente, Levante, South wind, and North wind.
Poniente is the wind blowing from the Atlantic Ocean, coming from the west, which creates a study wind and some waves.
Levante is warmer and stronger wind coming from the east, from the Mediterranean Sea, provides flat water conditions on the shore.
So everyone can find suitable conditions for his skill level and preferences.

Beginning of 2005, ‘Kiteboarding Tarifa kite school’ opened in Tarifa.
Our kite surf students benefit from our beginner courses with professional instructors,
Learn how to kitesurf or improve your knowledge, Kiteboarding Tarifa kite school is open all year and provide a selection of more then 80 kites, kite-boards, surfboards and SUP´s.

On our kite zone, we also have a beach bar right on the spot, a superbly trained team of instructors, 3 rescue boats, a compressor for inflating your kites.
We are looking forward to have exciting sessions with you.        

What makes Tarifa special is the mix of good winds, kilometers of perfect white sandy beaches.
The town it self has a nice surfing vibe. At night, Tarifa sparkles with bars, nightclubs and tapas bars.

Our school Kite zone is without off obstacles.
We kitesurf all year and teach all levels.
Our school works with 3 rescue boats to covert your safety during you kite lessons.

This little movie shows you how beautiful Tarifa is :


Its easy to come to our kite beach situated a front of Beach Bar Agua, at the nature reserve and Los Lances forest, 5 min from Tarifa dir Cadiz , located between PachaMama and 2 Mares Hotel.


Kiteboarding Tarifa
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