Step 6 - Progression

Get Upwind! Learn to ride properly. Our kite team in Tarifa encourage you to improve your level. Using teachers, will help you gain confidence and to progress a lot faster until you become independent!

Kitesurfer jumping in Tarifa.Big air jump in Tarifa.Instuctor from our school jumping high.

You will manage your speed and you find a better kite position.

  • Learn to get up and to ride upwind
  • Avoid to walk back up wind on the beach and its obstacles.
  • Transitions and changing directions.

The course contains:

  • Improve your skills
  • Learn to ride in switch
  • Transition
  • Get better up-wind
  • Emergency braking
  • Pop, make your first jumps
  • Railey, back-roll, unhocked, Back-roll kiteloop transitions