Step 3 - Kite relaunch

We teach you how to relaunch your kite in the different positions that a kite can fall in the water.

you will need to tension your kite lines. If your lines are slack, wait that the wind drag it away off you to get them tight.

Grab one of the steering lines and pull gently. You can get the kite to move in either direction. Back to the shore if you are far away, or to the see if you are close to the waves.

As you keep pulling on the steering line the kite will drift on the side, when it goes towards the edge of the wind window, release some tension in the line that you are pulling.

Keep pulling on the line until it comes up out of the water.

Important: As soon as the kite begins to fly, push the control bar away from you. If you keep your bar to close to you, you will have to much tension in the rear lines and you will stall your kite back to the water again.