Step 1 - Kite control

Rescue service.Kiter on the Beach.Kiter walking up the beach with instructor.

Learn how to fly the kite in a safe way. Here we will learn how to gain control, safety, landing & launching.
The lessons is about handeling the kite on land and the first steps in water.
This training is a very important base to handle the Kite in a safe way. 

The course contains :

  • Lesson from 3h minimum¬†
  • Learn to fly the kite, launch it out off power
  • Direction and strength of wind
  • Identify obstacles and dangers on the spot
  • How to prepare the kite, inflate it, attach the lines
  • Out off power, how to activate the safety system
  • Recognize the wind window, power zone , neutral zone zenith

In this first lesson you will learn the safety and the best kitesurfing skills for being a good starter.