Kite spots


It is permitted to kite in Balneario all along the beach in the winter and only in a small sports channel in summer. Poniente is on-shore and Levante is off-shore.

Los Lances (football stadium)

Only suitable for Poniente wind. It is only allowed to kite here in winter. Levante is too gusty due to the buildings next to the beach and completely off-shore.

Los Lances Norte

Is the closest kiteboarding zone from Tarifa, where it is permitted to kite in summer. The beach is few kilometers long and offers nice views over Africa, which is only 20km far. Spot is suitable for both winds in summer time. Poniente is side-onshore and Levante is side-off-shore. There is rescue service available in summer. It is not recommended to kite here on Levante if there is no rescue boat in the water (winter).

Arte Vida

Wave spot in Poniente wind. Not suitable for Levante.


Very busy spot in summer time. A narrow and rocky beach is suitable for Poniente and Levante in summer and Levante only in winter.

Punta Paloma

Punta Paloma is a beautiful beach located 10km from Tarifa with magnificient sand dunes. It is forbidden to kite here in summer. Suitable only for Levante.