Kite rentals

For those who knows to ride upwind in both directions, we have the latest generation of kites off 2018 and 2019.
The size of the kites or boards, are selected depending on weather conditions.

By renting you have the choice and the advantage of always trying new equipment and change size depending on the wind. We offer Kites from 5m2 up to 18m2 so you can go out in all wind conditions.

Our staff speaks English, French, German, Spanish, Czech, Dutch and always ready to assist you.

Be covered by our Rescue boat. The option of "supervision" is available to guide you to all those who do not know Tarifa. To rent equipment it is essential to know riding upwind on a Kiteboard. Info:As-well we need from you an ID or passport. Do not forget your swimsuit, it is less bulky than a board-shorts under your wet-suit.

Price list

  1 day - 4h 1 day - 8h 3 days - 8h 7 days - 8h
Full equipment (kite, bar, board, wetsuit, harness, helmet, life jacket) 70€ 120€ 290€ 450€
Kite and bar 55€ 80€ 130€ 220€

We have the latest North Kiteboarding equipment which is well maintained.

Buy your new or used equipment with us.

Ask our Manager for more details, sizes and advices. A average price for a kite, bar and board is from 750€ up to 1290€  for second hand gear.