Kite courses

Personalized and effective teaching

Teaching Zone Tarifa

Every day our instructors will teach you 4h divided in two session of 2 hours, with a little break in between. In that way, you will have time to enjoy and share your experience with others.

Our courses are divided in 5 steps to make it easier to learn kiteboarding.

Day 1: Kite control (4h, divided in 2 blocs of 2h)
First we will teach you:
- How to control a kite on the beach

Day 2: Kite control (2h), Kite relaunch (1h), Body drag (1h)
On the second day you will learn:
- How to fly a kite in the sea
- How to relaunch your kite from the water
- How to do a body drag up wind to know how to recover a board in deep water.

Day 3: Body drag (2h), Kiteboard Waterstart (2h)
On the third day you will practise:
- How to body drag up wind
- The waterstart position
- Flying your kite in the power zone this will help you to catch the maximum power out off your kite to be able to get a pool 
- How to manage the stand up on board.  

Day 4: Kiteboard waterstart (4h divided in 2 blocs of 2h)
You will learn:
- How to stand up on a board

Day 5: Riding (4h divided in 2 blocs of 2h)
You will learn and practice:
- How to ride safely

Kitesurfing is all about being patient and practicing. That's why, to achieve well all these steps you will need minimum a week of practice.

Types off lessons and 2019 prices

Private Kite 40€/h per person (1 kite each)
Reduced group 30€/h per person (2 persons/group)
Private one to one 60€/h per person
Kite in Group 20€/h until 4 persons with one kite and one teacher
Tandem kitesurf 50€ for 30min or 70€ for 1h (max 55kg)
Kids private 70€/h (with master instructor)

Quality in Teaching

All our Instructors and Master Instructors have FAV and IKO licences with VDWS or BKSA teaching certificates.

A Master Instructor has minimum 10 years experience with 1500 students done and speaks few languages.

We offer kitesurf lessons in small groups, so we can adapt the lesson based on your needs. In that way, we guarantee your progress and your satisfaction.

    If you want to get the most out of your kitesurfing skills, and want to get on the board and ride, we advice to take minimum 5 days of lessons or a minimum of 16 hours.
    lessons & students kite school kiteboarding tarifa
    When everybody get on the board

    Be covered with our boat assistance

    Focus on having a great time
    on water

    The rescue boats from
    Sea Angels company

    are there to assist you
    in case things don't go
    according your plans.
    In deep sea,
    in case you forget the right
    steps to re-launch your kite
    from the water
    or you loose your board,
    the boats drivers will
    come pick you up.
    Boat assistance sea Angels Tarifa
    Boat assistance Sea Angels


    Ask us information, we do speak English, Fr, DE , Sp, CZ, NL

    Customized courses, tell us how many days you have and we will make the course suitable for your holidays. We advice to take minimum 4 or 5 days lessons. How many hours you will need? It depends on your balance and your coordination, we recommend minimum 20h lessons before you can buy your own equipment and go on your own.

    Get in touch!