Let 's go have fun kids

In our kiteboarding school, we love to share our passion for the sport, with this family traveling the world with their kids. Recently, we had the pleasure to offer them a surf and a tandem kiteboarding session to their daugther and in exchange they kindly shared some videos with us.

The little girl in the family was particularly enthusiastic about both sports. As she rode on the board with Ingo in tandem, she exclaimed, “This is the most best sport I’ve ever done!” It was heartwarming to see how much joy she and her family derived from the experience.

Please note that tandem kiteboarding is an exception and not a regular offering. Ingo, who has over 20 years of experience as a kiteboarding instructor, does it as a favor when parents are learning kiteboarding with us and their young kids are bored on the beach.

We do not recommend kiteboarding for kids below the age of 12 or 14. They require too much assistance to master the sport on their own, and even small waves can make it difficult for little ones. Instead, we suggest introducing them to surfing or tandem kiteboarding, which can be a lot of fun for them.


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