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Learn to jump!

Jumping in kitesurfing - Learn your first jump or new trick

Now it´s time to try something new and to feel the breeze in your face !

Your first jump. It takes little bit of practice and be ready to drink lots of water 🙂 It is a big challenge…but when you get in the air for the first time, your confidence will grow and you will want to jump higher and higher…One of the great things about kitesurfing is that there is so many different jumps you can learn. You will love it!
And if are you working on some jumps and they just don´t work, our instructor will help you. Your learning curve will be much faster with a proffesional advice.
Before you start jumping, you should know to ride upwind properly, body drag upwind (to pick up your board) and to relaunch your kite from the water – you are going to need it 🙂


Important thinks to know for attempting your first jump in kitesurfing:

  • You don’t want to be overpowered or underpowered.
  • You will need big space around you in the water 🙂
  • Water should be deep, at least waist deep.
  • Choose good wind direction – don’t jump if it is too onshore, as that is where you will end up!
  • Don´t use a board leash.

If you have your own kite, just bring it with. Our instructor will explain to you all details you should know about your kite and how to set it up properly.

Wave kitesurfing - Learn to kitesurf with a surf board in the waves

If you like to surf the waves on your twintip kiteboard, the next step is to try it with a directional surfboard. Learning how to kitesurf in waves can be pretty tricky at the beginning…To get started you need to be ready to get wet! The course will be tailor made to your individual needs.

Here are skill techniques that you can learn:

  • How to get up on a surfboard.
  • To ride strapless.
  • Strapsless toeside jibe.
  • Practice carving turns.
  • Jumping strapless.

What Dragon kitesurf school supplies and what you should bring:

All students are provided with kitesurf gear, wetsuit, harness, life jacket and helmet. There is also in the price 3rd party liability insurance and basic accident insurance.

Clothing & Extras

In summer: Beach wear as a T-shirt, shorts and flip flops, swimsuit, beach towel, a hat, sunblock, water and sunglasses.

In winter: Warm clothing, swim wear, towel, hat, water.

Meeting point: It depends on the wind and weather conditions. But mostly in beach Los Lances, Beach bar Agua, Tarifa, Cadiz, Spain. We will confirm the exact meeting point a day before your kite lesson starts.