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Official kite school in Tarifa
We are a international crew
which give's you that professional attention.
We teach in small groups from only 2 persons or in private kitesurf lesson.
Our qualified Instructors will teach you with there passion for kitesurfing in Tarifa,
thanks to there high qualification, our students are satisfied & happy !

 Our rescue service  First beach on the Ocean side in South Europe  Keep learning kiteboarding for more action

Personalized and effective teaching
Our instructors will teach you fundamentals which guide you through the process of learning how to kitesurf. 
During the courses safety and progress is our priority.

Our kite school offers lessons for all levels, also for children from the age off 8 years old.

Types off lessons

         • Reduced groups* off 2 persons per group.
             30€/h persons

         • Private, one to one with the teacher. 55€ /H
         • Private privilege, learn with a Master Instructor. 70€/H

         • Tandem kitesurf, be attached to your teacher and kitesurf. 70€/H
                                        Both on 1 kite, 1 board, student off 60 kg max

         • Kids Private privilege, the kids are with the masters. 2h/140€                                                                                                Tandem session can be included

*Quality Teachers*
Our Instructors and Masters Instructors have IKO, VDWS or BKSA teaching certificate.
The Masters Instructor have minimum 10 years experience, 1500 students done and speaks until 5 languages.

           10 years  in teaching kitesurf in Tarifa                    Kite school certification

*Quality in Teaching*
Kitesurf lessons in small groups, in our school we make reduced groups off 2 persons* max,
2 students per instructor that allows him to be all the time next to you.
That way we maximize 100% attention and progress guaranteed in your lessons
(Most off Tarifa's schools offer 4 people per group, its a lot for only one teacher)

 What do you see on the beach in Tarifa!
Only few schools have teachers with years experience.
In Tarifa you have minimum 50 teachers on the beach, and a lot are not that well experienced.
A happy student who enjoys it, its a student who has a good the teacher.
Our experience make our students happy!

 Practice by levels off difficulties
Learning kitesurfing involves to learn by steps, to manage to get on your board you will need to
perform a good kite control

3 main steps to learn

                         Step 1. Kite Training            Step 2. Boby drag             Step 3. Waterstart  

          Kite evolution in our school
Level 1 Kite Training Level 2 Boby drag  Level 3 Waterstart
              Step 1. Kite Training                                  Step 2. Boby drag                                   Step 3. Waterstart

Rich your goal you want to be on the board and riding.
We advice to take minimum 4 days lessons, if you need to start and want to rich your goal, to be on the board and riding, we advice you to take minimum a 16h lessons in small groups of 2 persons or a 10 hours in private, one to one with the teacher.

Kite beach Tarifa Drop it and get it up Any truble, come back safe

 Wind-window, Kite powers zones

Learn how to fly a the kite in a safe way,
gain control, safety, landing & launching ...
Lessons about handeling the kite on land and
the first steps in water.
This training is a very important base to handle the Kite in a safe way.


The course contains :

 - Lesson from 3h minimum 

 - Learn to fly the kite, launch it out off power

 - Direction and strength of wind

Beginner Progression DVD

 - Identify obstacles and dangers on the spot

 - How to prepare the kite, inflate it, attach the lines

 - Out off power, how to activate the safety system

 - Recognize the wind window , power zone , neutral zone zenith

In this first lesson you will learn the safety and
good kitesurfing skills for a good start





water re-launch kite school Tarifa Recover your lost board Kite school water skills

This lesson teach you how to body drag upwind to retrieve your board in deep water.
(a kiteboard is not attached to the kitesurfer)
This level is  as well recommended for those who still have difficulties to keep the board around them or loose it.


Body-drag progression DVD


 The course contains :

 - Lesson from 3h minimum 

 - Piloting the kite in deep water

 - Priority rules, the rights of ways

 - Relaunching the kite from the water, working with precision

 - Upwind body drag to retrieve the board

 - Theory of the water start

 - First exercises with the board



Standing on the board is nothing physical but its technical.
A intensive kitesurfing lesson on the board to rich your right coordination.
Work your balance & board position and a good adequate power to be lifted up the board.

Teaching kite school skills Kitesurf school Board time Waterstart courses in Tarifa

During the dedicated tuition session you will spend plenty of time with our qualified kitesurf instructor who will introduce you with a land briefing before getting you in the water and on the board.

The course contains :

Waterstart progression DVD

   - Lesson from 2 x 3h minimum 
   - Waterstart, tips to mach it fast

   - Practice to stand up and it fails

   - Board position

   - Bar Control

   - Balance and body position

   - Maintain balance                                                                             

Some students learn faster than other, but only with a single water start lesson on the board unfortunately doesn´t make you an complete independent rider
Follow the level 4 for more practice and safe learning.



learn to kitesurf rescue boat tarifa kitesurf lessons Tarifa

The objective of our kite school in Tarifa is based on the knowledge and security.
Get specific skills you need to be able to handle all situations.


The course contains :

Control going Up-wind
Riding-up wind progression DVD

   - Lesson from 4h minimum 

   - The Correct position of the board

   - Maintain body position

   - Make your first runs

   - Learn to ride properly

   - Improve the kite water re-launch

   - Recover the board on the high seas without assistance

Ask us information, we do speak english
Customized courses, tell us how many days you have and we will make the course suitable for your holidays
We advice to take minimum 4 days lessons, if you need to start and want to rich your goal, to be on the board and riding we advice you to take minimum a 16h lessons in a small group of 2 persons or a 10 hours in private,one to one with the teacher. How many hours you will need?, it depends on your balance and your coordination.

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