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What's about IKO in Spain

Europe comunity ask to nationalized all kite teachers,

Iko is from Rep Dominican, those teachers are not allowed in Spain as Europe aswell,

In Tarifa like in spain the officials kite Instructors

are federated, here in Tarifa by FAV federation Andaluz de Vela.

Our teachers are IKO, VDWS and since resent FAV aswell




Satisfaction Guaranteed
Dear clients.
If we do not make all your hours.
We refund the difference.
If there is too much or no wind,
if the conditions are not good
You get your money back!

We do Tandem Kitesurf

Invite your kids or your girl friend, we will go together for a very safe mode to introduce kitesurfing from the first moment on board with our teacher.


kite courses


Official kite school in Tarifa
We are a international crew
which provides you a professional attention.
We teach in small groups from only 2 persons or in private kitesurf lessons.
Our qualified Instructors will teach you with their passion for kitesurfing,
thanks to their high qualification our students are satisfied!

 Our rescue service  First beach on the Ocean side in South Europe  Keep learning kiteboarding for more action

Personalized and effective teaching
Our instructors will teach you the most fundamental techniques and methodes which guide you through the process of learning how to do kitesurf.

During the courses we have to highlight that SAFETY and PROGRESS are our priorities.

Our kite school offers lessons for all levels, even for children from 8 years old.

Types off lessons

         • Reduced groups composed by 2 persons per group.
             30€/h persons

         • Private, one to one with the teacher. 55€ /H
         • Private privilege, learn with a Master Instructor. 70€/H

         • Tandem kitesurf, be attached to your teacher and kitesurf. 70€/H
                                         student of 50 kg max

         • Reduced groups* off 2 persons per group.
             30€/h persons

         • Kids Private privilege, the kids are with the masters. 2h/140€                                                                                                   Tandem session can be included

*Quality Teachers*
Our Instructors and Masters Instructors have IKO, VDWS or BKSA teaching certificate.
The Masters Instructor have minimum 10 years experience, 1500 students done and speaks until 5 languages.


*Quality in Teaching*
Kitesurf lessons in small groups, in our school we make reduced groups off 2 persons* max,
2 students per instructor that allows him to be all the time next to you.
That way we maximize 100% attention and progress guaranteed in your lessons
(Most off Tarifa's schools offer 4 people per group, its a lot for only one teacher)

 What do you see on the beach in Tarifa!
Only few schools have teachers with years experience.
In Tarifa you have minimum 50 teachers on the beach, and a lot are not that well experienced.
A student who enjoys it, its a student who has a good the teacher.
Our experience make a difference!

 Practice by levels off difficulties
Learning kitesurfing involves to learn by steps, to manage to get on your board you will need to
perform a good kite control

          Kite evolution in our school
3 main steps to learn kiteboarding

 Kite Training    Boby drag  &  Waterstart

Level 1 Kite Training Level 2 Boby drag  Level 3 Waterstart

Rich your goal you want to be on the board and riding.
We advice to take minimum 4 or 5 days lessons, if you need to start and want to rich your goal to be on the board and riding, we advice you to take minimum a 16h lessons in small groups of 2 persons or a 10 hours in private one to one with the teacher.
Ask us information, we do speak english
Customized courses, tell us how many days you have and we will make the course suitable for your holidays
We advice to take minimum 4 days lessons, if you need to start and want to rich your goal, to be on the board and riding we advice you to take minimum a 16h lessons in a small group of 2 persons or a 10 hours in private,one to one with the teacher. How many hours you will need?, it depends on your balance and your coordination.

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Reserve or ask informations, contact us at: info@kiteboardingtarifa.com
How to make your first booking?

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