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 Wind-window, Kite powers zones

Learn how to fly the kite in a safe way

Here we will learn how to gain control, safety, landing & launching.

The lessons about handeling the kite on land and the first steps in water.

This training is a very important base to handle the Kite in a safe way. 

The course contains :

 - Lesson from 3h minimum 

 - Learn to fly the kite, launch it out off power

 - Direction and strength of wind

Beginner Progression DVD

 - Identify obstacles and dangers on the spot

 - How to prepare the kite, inflate it, attach the lines

 - Out off power, how to activate the safety system

 - Recognize the wind window, power zone , neutral zone zenith

In this first lesson you will learn the safety and the best kitesurfing skills for being a good starter.






     WIND ? SUN? WARM?

  Weather forecast Tarifa



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     Hire your kite gear.

Available the latest equipment from beginner to advanced and a full range of sizes to suit all conditions.
After completed the Riding level 5, you may hire you gear, everything needed is included.
As soon as you have the proficient level, a minimum off practice and safety are recurred.












       Buy your Kite Gear!

If you are interested
in equipment.
Our teachers
will help you choose the right equipment for your level.

Our students get deals!
At the end
of your course get our equipment packages,
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