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We follow the instruction parameters of the IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization). We believe its the safest, practical and fun way to teach this sport.

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In our school teachers are affiliated with IKO, they are certified IKO Level 2 at the end of any of our courses you will receive the IKO Member Card.

Most kitesurfing centers and schools around the world recognize the IKO Member Cards, and they will ask it to rent kitesurfing equipment.

We do Tandem Kitesurf

Invite your kids or your girl friend, we will go together for a very safe mode to introduce kitesurfing from the first moment on board with our teacher.


Information from Tarifa

 Things to see:

Island Las Palomas

Or called also Punta Marroquí, is the meeting point of Mediterranean sea and Atlantic ocean. Here is the extreme southern limit of Spain and Europe and also the nearest place of Gibraltar Strait. At the end of the island you´ll find a 43m high lighthouse. You can take a nice walk between two seas to the island. For surfers, Balneario beach is a perfect surf spot, you get nice waves. Tarifa is the only place, where you can take a swim in either the Atlantic Ocean or the Mediterranean Sea.

  Castle Guzmán el Bueno

Tarifa´s castle was built from Caliph Adberramán III as a strategic point of the Straits of Gibraltar. King Guzmán"The Good" became famous for his fight against Muslims in 1294. His son has been captured by his enemies and as exchange they asked to have back the village of Tarifa. King Guzmán decided in favour of Tarifa, but his son has been executed. A statue of Sancho IV is outside the castle looking out over the Gibraltar Strait to the coast of Tangiers in Morocco. You will find the castle in the old town of Tarifa, near the sea.
 The openings time is: Tue-Sat, 11am-2pm and 6-8pm. Sun 11am-2pm. Mon closed.


St. Matthew's Church

The town´s main church. Located in old town from Tarifa, near the castle, surrounded with lots of lovely restaurants. It was built in the 16th century and is largely of late Gothic style with a neo-classic facade. Stained glass windows glow and the statues are powerful. When the Spain's Catholic Kings were driving the Moors back to Africa, Tarifa was a dangerous place. To encourage people to live here, the Church offered a huge amount of forgiveness to anyone who stuck it out for a year. 1 year and 1 day after moving to Tarifa, they would have the privilege of passing through this special "door of pardons," and a Mass of thanksgiving would be held in that person's honor.


 Mini castle Santa Catalina

In front of Tarifa´s harbour, you can see the castle from town beach Balneario. Santa Catalina, was built in 1929 as a weather centre for shipping. It changed during the Spanish Civil War in 1936. General Francisco Franco took it over for military purposes, converted it for ammunition storage and outfitted it with concrete bunkers for defensive purposes. It is an area under construction at the moment.


 Sand dune

About 8 km from Tarifa direction Cadiz, you will find a fantastic unspoilt beach Valdevaqeros. Turn left to Punta Paloma and then take the next left to park. Head right on the beach and you will see the sand dune. Follow the beach round to some very private rocky inlets on this nature reserve.
The views of Africa from the sand dune are some of the best there is.


 Tuna fishing - The Almadraba

Almadraba is a fishing style used by the Phoenicians along the coasts of Cádiz and then later by the Romans. It consists of setting a maze of nets along tuna routes, from March till June. Almadrabas are concentrated in Conil, Barbate, Zahara de los Atunes and Tarifa.

Tuna Week: in June, 30 establishments offer special menus dedicated to tuna.

La Tarifeña: is a shop offering every type of packed or cured fish. You can find tuna and mackerel from Tarifa; products with D.O. Designation, Specific Designation of Origin Andalusia.


Viewpoint in Tarifa

If you come from Malaga, this viewpoint is just 6 km before Tarifa. There is a small bar. Two continents so close, Europe and Africa just 14 km far away ! You get a beautiful view of Africa, across Gibraltar Strait. And behind Gibraltar strait, coming out the silhouette of African´s guardian, Musa mountain, 851m high. A lots of specialists call this mountain one of the two columns of Hercules. The other one would be the Rock of Gibraltar. On left side, you can see Ceuta, a Spanish city on the African continent. You can visit Ceuta with a fast ferry from Algeciras.


 Roman ruins Baleo Claudia

In Bolonia, just 15 km from Tarifa, direction Cadiz, you can find the 2000 year old ruins of the Roman town of Baelo Claudia, a relic of Roman architecture. Baelo Claudia supplied the popular Roman delicacy, fish paste, to the whole Roman Empire. Emperor Claudius gave the town his name. Main attractions to be seen include the Theater, Temple of Isis, Basilica, Thermal baths, Aqueducts and Salting factory.
Opening time: Tue to Sat: Jun - Sep 9am - 7pm, Nov - Feb, 9am - 6pm. Sun all year round: 9am - 2pm, Mon closed.


Other activities

Whales and dolphins

If you prefer to watch animals in their natural habitats, take an excursion for to see whales and dolphins in the Straits of Gibraltar - you can see orcas, striped dolphin, common dolphin, sperm whale etc. Awesome experience! Dolphins and pilot whales you can see any time, sperm whales from May to July and killer whales season is from June till September. Orca´s trip takes around 3 hours. There are several companies which offer boat trips. The boats go several times a day. But choose a day without waves :-)



You don't need to take a PADI dive course to enjoy the amazing underwater scenery of Tarifa. There are amazing snorkel spots and beaches with clear turquoise waters, easily accessible for everyone. Be ready for the adventure ! Snorkelling is a favourite activity for the whole family. Nice spots are by Tarifa´s island but there are also a lots of secret spots in the military zone. If you prefer to go on a guided tour with our staff, just ask in our kitesurf shop.


Rock climbing

Tarifa is perfect location for climbing. You can climb here the whole year around. The hills around Bolonia, in San Bartolo area are wind protected and offer over 250 routes of levels between 3 and 8a. There are routes from 10 to 90 meters, (most are around 20 meters). The rock consists of compact sand- and limestone. Another climbing adventure is Gibraltar, all types and grades on its two hundred million year old Jurassic limestone. Try St. Michaels cave, with its own underground lake.


Horse riding

Discover Tarifa´s beaches, pine forest, eucalyptus alley or natural park Los Acornocales from horseback. Have a ride along white sand beaches, blue Atlantic Ocean with stunning views of Africa. Andalusian horses are famous around the world and they are easy to mount. For small children they are ponies. It will be your experience of a life time. Tarifa offers an excellent climate for horse riding the whole year. The weather in summer is not too hot and in winter not too cold. There are several stables in Tarifa. The first Sunday of September there is Fair of horses in Tarifa.


Play Golf in Andalusia

Costa de la Luz y del Sol are only places in Spain where you can play golf all year long. In Andalusia there are over 100 golf courses and 300 sunny days a year. The nearest are Golf Montenmedio (30min direction Cadiz), La Duquesa Golf Club, 18 holes (30min. direct. Marbella) and Alcadeisa, which has 2 golf courses - Heathland and Link golf course (only links course in southern Europe), both 18 holes (40min direct. Marbella). They also have a Driving range and Golf academy. The prices change a lot from place to place and most offer a happy hour :-)


Mix of Hatha yoga, Iyengar yoga, Anusara yoga and Therapeutic yoga with Inga Maria. Very healthy yoga for everybody: adults, kids, for people with back problems etc. Classes are in small groups, but you can also have a private lesson. Tel. +34 660832269. She speaks Es, De, En, Fr. It is possible to do lessons in Facinas in her house, which is a small village 20 min from Tarifa direction Cadiz. House of Inga is perfect for doing yoga, in very special natural environment. If you prefer lessons in Tarifa, the classes are in Hotel Hurricane (around 5 km from direct. Cadiz).


Scuba diving

It is estimated that in the Spanish waters there are about 1,500 shipwrecks, which in many cases hides different treasures of great historical value. Huelva and Golf of Cadiz are the areas of Spain with a biggest number of sunken ships. Mostly of them belonged to Indian´s trader or were boats from Battle of Trafalgar. 9 of the 15 French and Spanish ships that sank in the Battle of Trafalgar (1805) against the British navy remain underwater close to the coast of Huelva and Cadiz.

Fishing in Tarifa

In the mood for fresh fish ? You can catch your own! Sport fishing has become very popular and along the Tarifa´s coast and you will find lots of good spots. You can choose between bottom fishing and deep fishing. Depending on the period of the year, you can fish different species. Bottom fishing for - snapper, sea bass, toothy, breams, gilded, brotolas etc. In deep sea fishing, sword fish, white marlin, imperial needle, shortfin mako shark, bluefin tuna etc.


Mountain biking

As Tarifa is located between 2 natural parks, Los Alcornocales (Oak forest) and Gibraltar Strait, there is not just beautiful nature and stunning scenery but also plenty of great trails for mountain biking. Discover their beauty and enjoy your green holiday. The hidden off roads will make your trip a unique mountain-biking experience. There are other shops in Tarifa, that offer bike rental and guided bike trips for different levels. Thanks to Tarifa´s climate, biking can be done all year long.


Bird watching

There are almost 400 species of birds passing over the Straits of Gibraltar and through Tarifa. Every autumn and every spring, migratory birds rest in south of Spain on their way to Africa for the winter, and come back heading to Northern Europe for the summer. This makes Tarifa a prime destination for twitchers. Ornithologists established in Tarifa offer guided tours to discover all kind of birds including Eagles, peregrine Falcons, Ospreys, Barn Owls, Stork, giant Lammergeier, Vulture, Lesser Kestrel, European Bee-eater, Serin, Little Swift, Eurasian Spoonbill, Black Kite etc.



Discover Andalusian nature surrounded by spectacular views of Africa, Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. You will be surprised by Tarifa´s magic countryside, mountains, pine and eucalyptus forests and olive trees. During your trip you can see different birds, horses, donkeys, sheep, black pigs, goats and cows. Nice routes are f.e. trip to Guadalmesi River (8km), Colada del Estrecho (5km), Honey river (5 km), Risco blanco (6km), Hozgarganta River - Las Asomadillas (8km). The Natural Park Los Alcorconales is the biggest Oak forest in Europe.


Quad biking

If you like adrenaline, adventure and off-road riding, a quad biking tour is the perfect outdoor activity for you. Alone or with group, discover Andalusia´s hidden trails, undiscovered routes, mountains and amazing scenery on quad. It does not matter if you are beginner or experienced quad rider, the tour is for all levels. You just need a driving license. This guided excursion will be an exciting and unforgettable adventure on your holiday in Spain. Available all year around.



Los Lances

Tarifa's best beach for kitesurfing and windsurfing. Stunning white sandy beach with clear water, Andalucia mountains in background and amazing sunset. Official kite spot from 15.6. - 15.9. It has the best wind conditions for sailing with the west wind.  Apart from Beach bars Agua and Waves there are no buildings on the beach, no hotels, just cows and horses along the beachside, relaxing to the max! If there is Levante, east wind, you can contract a rescue boat service in our kite school.


Playa chica

The last gold sand beach of the Mediterranean Sea. A tiny beach in front of the Isla de las Palomas - the southernmost point of the European continent. Families like to go there, if there is a west wind and waves in the sea. Here the water is calm without waves and the bay protects you from the wind. The favourite beach for the local people in summer. A nice place for paddle surfing, diving and snorkelling.


Las dunas

A wonderland beach with sand dunes in Natural Park called Gibraltar Strait. If you climb to the top of the dune, you get a wonderful view back along the coast to Tarifa and to Tanger. If you walk along the dune, you will find hidden beaches, amazing surf spot and the tip of Punta Paloma. There is a path all the way along the beach to Bolonia.
A good place to kitesurf with the east wind. Zones for kitesurf, windsurf and swimmers in summer. Respect them!



Small coastal village, located on Atlantic shore, its just 18 km from Tarifa towards Cadiz. Known for its sandy beach, bay, sand dune and also the Roman town ruins of Baelo Claudio. You'll find there great oceanside restaurants and beach bars. Prepare yourself for a magical trip to splendid place. If you are a cheese fan, visit the goat cheese farm behind Bolonia village. 
If the wind for kitesurfing and windsurfing is too strong in Tarifa, often Bolonia is little bit softer.


Restaurants and nightlife

ECO center, a vegetarian restaurant

This vegetarian restaurant in centre of Tarifa, offers food from ecologic ingredients and vegetarian pizza. In the holistic centre you can practice yoga, pilates, meditation, salsa dance or take  shiatsu massage etc. In the eco shop you find ecological products, food, drinks, healthy cosmetics, eco cleanings products, books, fresh bread, eggs, vegetable, spices and more ! They also organise live concerts every Sunday. Who does not know the famous music band from Tarifa, Los Miserables...miss something!!! 

Street/ San Sebastian 6, Tarifa 11380, Phone: +34 956627220. Open 1-4pm and 7pm-12am.


Pizzeria La Tribu, Surf bar

Night life in Tarifa start mostly with visiting the Surf bar and Pizzeria La Tribu. Located in the old city, passing through the Jerez gate turn left and down. They offer a variety of pizzas, great prices and it´s fast . Try Spanish beer, Coronita or some tasty cocktails, Piña Colada, Mojito, Sex on the beach....Happy hours are mostly from 23-00h. They show nice windsurf and surf movies. 

Street/ De la Luz 7, Tarifa, Spain, 11380, Opening hours: 19:00 to 02:00.


Coffee shop "Café Azul", breakfast bar

Nice Coffee bar with breakfast and brunch in centre of Tarifa. Small but cozy place with different decoration. You can choose between great smoothies and fresh juice, yoghurt with fresh fruits, nice italian coffee, sweet and salty crepes, cold or warm sandwiches, eggs and more. You find it near Puerto de Jerez, on the street with all the banks, near traffic lights (there is just one in Tarifa :-). They speak English.

Street/ Batalla del Salado 8, 11380 Tarifa. Open from 9am - 2:30pm, every day.


Surla, Breakfast bar and sushi

In this surf bar you can have a breakfast, with the real italian cappuccino; lunch, with daily menu and from 7pm sushi with fresh fish from Tarifa. Take away service. Don´t forget to taste the home-made cakes :-) The restaurant is located close to the sea at the Los Lances beach. You can connect to wifi internet. After eating here enjoy a walk along the beach, with its breath-taking sunsets and views of Morocco.

Street/ Pintor P. Villalta, 11380 Tarifa, Phone: +34 956685175, Open from 9am till 00h.


Surf bar Tomatito

Tomatito, the sport bar, is the next stop in the regular nightlife route through Tarifa :-) You have to try their fresh strawberry mojito, you will not want to stop drinking it !!! Good for parties, birthday celebration, or just have a drink on the way. For small hunger you can have a hamburger, hot dog or veggie sandwich. Amazing and funny service, done with love :-)) You can watch important spanish football games there. Located in old town, in the square where the best parties are in Tarifa. 

Street/ Cervantes 4, 11380 Tarifa. Open from 7pm till 2am.


Vegetarian Restaurant Chilimosa

Experienced this fantastic fresh, bio and healthy dishes. It is very small place, but you can take the food away. Very good vibe in the restaurant, staff are friendly and English speaking. All food is from biological and home made ingredients. Try the fabulous hummus with falafel, coconut curry with rice and as dessert delicious brownie or carrot cake :-) Behind the gate to old city (Puerta de Jerez) turn right and you will find it on your right hand side.

Street/ Peso 6, Tarifa, Phone: +34 956 68 50 92. Open: 12:30-3:30pm and 7-11pm.

Steak house Vaca Loca

Delicious high quality steaks on barbecue, served on a wooden plate. Portions are huge, full of meat, salad and homemade fries. Good house red wine. A great meal after a kitesurfing session ! This place fills up quickly. They don´t take any reservations. Enjoy sitting outside on a summers evening, in the special atmosphere. Located in the old town, in the square, where all the bars are.

Street/ Cervantes 6, 11380 Tarifa. Open 6pm - 2am.


El Tesoro Restaurant

This hidden restaurant you find in Betijuelo. Once there, you will not regret this trip through the countryside. You end up in the mountains over Punta Paloma in place called Betijuelo, in a secret place in middle of Tarifa´s virgin environment, overlooking the bay of Valdevaqueros. The restaurant offers fabulous local food, while you enjoy the beautiful view of Morocco. Very busy in summer, so better to book in advance.

Street/ Paraje Betijuelo 6, 11380 Tarifa, Phone: +34 956 23 63 68. Open from 12pm-12:30am.


Bar Almedina

Lovely cafe with special architecture and an incredible atmosphere, located in the old town. During the day you can have there a good breakfast, pasta, salads, desserts, tea (don´t forget to try their Moorish té) and at night, it´s famous for its live music, soul, jazz and jazz-funk. There is flamenco concerts every Thursday. Also try their Mojito :-) Sometimes there is also expositions of local artists.
Street/ De Almedina 1, 11380 Tarifa, Telephone: +34 956 680 474. Open, mornings 11am-4pm. Afternoons from 9pm-2am.


Around Tarifa


The Rock of Gibraltar. Just 40 km from Tarifa away and you will be in a small part of England. It is an Overseas Territory of the UK and to go there, you need a passport. The currency is Pounds Sterling. Most of its area is covered by a nature reserve, which is home to around 250 Barbary Macaques, the only wild monkeys in Europe. Walk around the Rock and enjoy the incredible views. Visit also Great Siege tunnels and St. Michaels Cave, set 300 metres above sea level. An amazing example of what time and water can do to limestone. Electronic goods, cigarettes and alcohol are cheaper than in Spain due to tax free status of the colony.


106 km from Tarifa, the capital of the province of Cadiz, and oldest city in the Occident - 3000 years old! Known for its Carnival in february, flamenco, wineries, monuments, beaches and 300 days of sunshine a year. Sights in Cadiz: baroque-neoclassical Cathedral; the tower Torre de Poniente with marvellous views over the old city; Case del Obispo - museum of glass walkways over 1500 sq metres of excavated ruins takes you through every period of Cádiz' history; playa de la Caleta - city beach guarded by two forts and Moorish bath house. The beach is also famous for the James Bond film- Die Another Day where Halle Berry come out of the sea in an orange bikini.


Jerez de la Frontera

118 km from Tarifa, Jerez is famous for its Sherry, wineries, flamenco, Andalusian horses and moto race. The biggest events: International Horse Fair in May and Motorcycle Grand Prix in April! Sights: Jerez's Moorish fortress Alcazar; Cathedral San Salvador; Domecq - Jerez's oldest bodega (1730) famous for the world's best-selling brandy Fundador; Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art - every Thursday the Cartujana horses (a cross between the Andalusian and the Arabian) show dressage techniques and jumping in a spectacular show. Try also Tío Pepe sherry in bodega Gonzalez Byass!



210 km from Tarifa. Capital of Andalusia, birth place of flamenco and famous for its architecture (in the picture is Real Alcázar), bullfighting, and the fair, which is on a site the size of 54 football fields, with 3000 people riding horses, and 500 thousand visitors! A great party :-) Don´t miss to visit Real Alcázar - Unesco World Heritage Site in 1987; Cathedral Giralda - officially the biggest in the world; Basilica de la Macarena - La Macarena is the patron of bullfighters; 15-century monastery La Cartuja de Cazalla; Parque de María Luisa and Plaza de España, both relaxation spots.



280 km from Tarifa. Visit The Alhambra Palace and its gardens, world heritage by UNESCO. It is the best-preserved and oldest Moorish palace in the world. It has around 8 thousand visitors a day, so book the ticket in advance. You should also see Science Park, the most visited in Andalusia, with a planetarium and interactive demonstrations of scientific experiments; The Palace Nazaries, the most brilliant Islamic building in Europe; The Palace de los Leones; The Albazyín, is an open-air museum in which you can lose yourself for a whole morning and the abbey Abadía de Sacromonte.



136 km from Tarifa. The city is cut in two by the El Tajo bridge that spans the rio Guadalevín. It has the oldest bullring in Spain. Ernest Hemingway and Orson Welles lived in Ronda for many years. Visit also Alameda del Tajo - lovely gardens, where at the end you find a balcony protruding from the face of the cliff, offering a vertigo-inducing view of the valley below; Pileta cave with its prehistoric wall paintings of bison, deer, and horses (some of theme old 15000 years) and Palace of Mondragón.



29 km from Tarifa. Is a Spanish city on an African continent. You need to take a boat to go to Ceuta. It takes around 1 hour with the fast ferry (company Balearia or Trasmediterranea). The statues of Hercules symbolise the unity of Europe and Africa. These two bronze figures are the biggest in the world, and feature in the classical mythology. See also Castle del Desnarigado, located just under Ceuta's lighthouse; Plaza de Africa - the heart of the old city; St. Philip's Moat, built in 1530 by Portuguese and open air swimming pool in the centre of the town with cozy Moroccan restaurants :-)


Tangier, Morocco

14 km from Tarifa. In 40 minutes with fast ferry you will discover another world, the African continent. Ferry company FRS and Trasmediterranea. From Rif Mountain you can see Tarifa´s beaches. Sights: St. Andrew's Church; Kasbah museum with its Andalucían-style Sultan's Gardens; Caves of Hercules, the mythical hero and the symbol of Tangier (16km outside of the city); Grand Mosque; Grand Socco with Mendoubia Gardens and Cinema Rif, which displays photographs and old movie posters highlighting Tangier's glamorous past.


Weather and wind in Tarifa

Wind Poniente

A side onshore wind, very steady, coming west from the Atlantic sea and Portugal. In summer it is often a thermal wind. It brings choppy waves that are a Tarifa feature. In winter, this wind is more onshore and with more waves. Perfect wind for wave riding, kite surfing and paddle boarding. Average poniente wind is around 10-20 knots, in winter often stronger. The best spot for riding is Tarifa town, by the football stadium and Los Lances beach (by beach bar Agua). In summer it is forbidden to kite in Tarifa town (15th Jun-15th Sep).


Wind Levante

Funneled through the Straits of Gibraltar, Levante is an offshore wind from east. It is hot and gusty in summer and cold in winter. Wind forces are generally between 20-40 knots and mostly in summer. When it blows more than 35 knots, its better to take your windsurf equipment :-) The best kite spot for Levante wind is Los Lances, with flat water, but you should check the rescue boat service (just in summer). If not, go to Punta Paloma beach or Valdevaqueros where the wind is more cross shore.


Air temperature

From June till September temperatures in Tarifa are usually above 30°C. In the evenings you may need a hoody because of the wind. From May to October temperatures average 25ºC. In winter it´s around 15-20°C. In January and February there is some rain. The Atlantic Ocean gets warmer in summer, requiring only boardies, shortie or 3/2mm wetsuit. Colder in winter, you will need a 4/3 or 5/4 full wetsuit.

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