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Customized courses
Let us know how many days you have? we will make your lessons suitable for your holidays



 If you have never Kiteboard before, you can decide whether you want to book a 1 day kite or to start a 2 or 3 days course and follow for more.
Are you planning a private lessons or a group session?

During the dedicated tuition session you will spend plenty of time with our qualified kitesurf instructor who will introduce you to the sport with a land briefing before getting you in the water and on the board.

If you already have experience kiteboarding
Let us know which skills? in kiteboarding you have complete with success and how many hours experience you have?
Skills Ex: Land kite control, body drag up wind, waterstart, riding, riding upwind, small jumps....

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A little help for Your Mail:
(you may copy this and paste it in your mail it will help you to book it)


Hello my name is                   i am         years old.

I'm looking forward to learn kiteboarding.

I will be in Tarifa from:

I have:          days off

I m interested in :
(Private or group lessons)

My language is :

My level in kiteboarding is :                 
I did:        hours in kiteboarding

How many want to learn :
Has your friends the same level than you :         

My or our sizes are :
Wetsuits sizes, are same has your t-shirt size S M L XL...

Do you rent a Car? :

Other request:

Thank for your reply, let me know the options i have and the prices.

Thank you, we keep in touch.



pasted at:

Miri will reply you in a short delay and let you know how much cost your kite course, and she will let you know at what a time you will start.

We provide all gear: wetsuit kites boards insurance include
Bring your swimwear, sun cream with you.

Do you rent a Car?  Recommended for your holidays,
kitesurf lessons takes only 3 or 4 hours a day
Tarifa has kite beaches access buy car.
Some nice places and villages are to visit around Tarifa.
(recommended: Malaga Airport has very cheap car rentals)

Some of them:

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